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Every once in a while, I’ll hear my peers complain about the younger generation…“they’re lazy, distracted, unreliable, and spoiled.” That may describe some young people, but certainly not Brittany Marmion. 25-year-old Brittany is a shining example of a young woman who works hard and plays by the rules.

Brittany graduated from Nursing School at the Santa Fe Community College in December with a 3.7 Grade Point Average. She was chosen to represent her class and speak at the Pinning Ceremony. A month later, she aced her Nursing test and earned her license as a Registered Nurse. Her journey to reach this milestone hasn’t been easy, but Brittany wouldn’t have it any other way. She thrives on challenges.

After graduation from Santa Fe High School, Brittany attended the New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. Her brother, J.D., also went to NMMI. The disciplined culture of the military shaped her life and gave her an impeccable work ethic. She went on to join the U.S. Air Force Reserves where she is a Staff Sergeant and has received extensive training as a medic.

In between college and the Reserves, Brittany has worked as a nursing assistant at Christus Saint Vincent and a phlebotomist for Tricore Reference Laboratory in Santa Fe. Now she’s looking for a full time nursing job.

Brittany is the daughter of Michelle and Danny Marmion. And yes, she also happens to be my niece, but that’s not the reason I’m writing about her. She stayed with me a couple nights while doing an internship at the VA Hospital in Albuquerque. She would go in half an hour early for her overnight shift, because she didn’t want to be late and because she was excited about the experience.  I was so impressed by her sense of professionalism. She is a great role model. If there are more young people like Brittany, there’s great hope for our future.

1.Carla: What made you decide to join the Air Force Reserves?

Brittany: “It seems a little funny to me because my whole life I’ve always managed to do things that I said I never wanted to do. I never wanted to play volleyball (I was all district 5A in high school), I never wanted to play sports after high school (I went to NMMI on a full ride volleyball scholarship), I never wanted to go to a military school (went to NMMI), I never wanted to be a Nurse (I just got my nursing license), I never wanted to join the military and here I am a Staff Sergeant in Air Force Reserves. It’s funny how life pans out. I had a previous misconception that the only reason people joined the military is because they couldn’t do anything else. I was sorely mistaken. I really began to respect military life while I was in school at NMMI. I loved the discipline. After I graduated from NMMI I went to UNM for a year and realized that I wanted something more in life– but I didn’t know what. I wanted to be part of something big! I looked up to JD (Brittany’s brother) for being in the Army and thought it could be a good fit for me. When I told JD I was thinking about joining the Army he told me that the Air Force would be a better fit for me. I was glad that I listened to him. JD swore me into the military and I became a medic in the United States Air Force Reserves on June 10, 2005. I decided to join the military because freedom isn’t free and I am proud to be an American! Plus the GI bill is a bonus haha.”

2. Carla: Why did you choose to become a Nurse?

Brittany: “I never wanted to be a nurse; I always thought that nursing consisted of changing patient’s dirty diapers. My ambitions growing up were to become a dentist. When I joined the military, they didn’t have any dental related jobs. I had to choose between medical administration (which is pretty much a medical secretary) or a medic. I thought that a medic sounded exciting so I chose it as my career field. I loved the grunt work and the ‘blood and guts’ that I got to see in the Emergency Room. It was a real rush to me, but not only that– I liked the feeling that I got when I looked into my patient’s eyes and felt like I was really helping them.”

3.Carla: How difficult is it to get a job right now and what keeps you going?

Brittany: “It is extremely hard to find a job right now as a new nurse. Everyone wants you to have at least a year of experience. Everyone thinks that there is a nursing shortage– but there is not, the reason being the economy. All the nurses that were going to retire have gone back to work because of the economy. I have been looking for a month now because I want to move to either Colorado or Albuquerque. It’s tough, but I keep going because I need that job!”

4. Carla: Some people say young people believe they are “entitled.” You’ve worked hard to earn your success and education–why are you different?

Brittany: “I think that my generation does not feel they are entitled, however, I think that might be true of the younger generation. All my peers have always worked hard to achieve their goals. I feel like I am different from some others in my goals because of the way that I was brought up. It was not a choice to go to college in my home. It was just something that my brother and I were expected to do. I feel I have accomplished a lot, however, I am still not where I would like to be. I am far from accomplishing my goals, and although I hate taking steps–steps are what have gotten me this far.”

5. Carla: Who has been your biggest influence?

Brittany: “I think my immediate family has played an important role on influencing my decisions. I will always make my own decisions, but it is important to me how my family feels. JD made me feel comfortable with the thought of joining the military while everyone laughed at the thought of me, Brittany Marmion, being in the Military. And my Mom and Dad have always been there for me. The saying that ‘friends come and go, but one thing stays the same– Family’ is right on.

I am truly blessed to have supportive, nurturing, and normal parents.”


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