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TAKE 5 with CARLA ARAGÓN featuring George A. Gonzales

He’s a pioneer of New Mexico Spanish language radio, was Santa Fe  Mayor from 1968 to 1972 and the youngest ever (at age 30), was knighted by the Morros de España, is an accomplished singer/song writer/musician, and a well-respected authority of the Spanish language.  These are only a few of George Abran Gonzales’ long string of accomplishments, but the “G”-force behind Que Suave Radio says his greatest success is his God loving family.

71-year-old Gonzales has been married to Celine Vigil Gonzales for 51 years.  They have four sons: Anthony, Patrick, Javier, and Estevan; nine grandchildren and one on the way.  Each has a role in the family owned businesses of Que Suave Radio, the Santa Fe Hometown News, and their various real estate and cell phone tower ventures Continue reading


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